How do I participate in JUNE DRESSES®?

Please visit our How it Works page.


What if I don’t have 30 dresses?

Not a problem, you don’t need 30 dresses. JUNE DRESSES® promotes making peace with your existing wardrobe. Please visit our Tips & Tricks page for more information.


I’m late to the party, can I still participate?

Yes, registration will begin in early May and stay open throughout the campaign so please feel free to participate even if you don’t discover JUNE DRESSES® until later in June. Everything will work the same; you’ll just have fewer days to take part in all the fun!


Do I need to sleep and exercise in a dress? How far do I need to take this?

No, you do not. Participating in JUNE DRESSES® is meant to be fun and easy. The main idea is to wear a dress or skirt for each day of the month but that doesn’t mean you need to be in a dress or skirt 24 hours a day. Participants are encouraged to do what makes sense for their daily routines. Above all else, make sure you feel comfortable with your attire.


What if participating isn’t for me, are there other ways I can get involved with JUNE DRESSES®?

Absolutely! JUNE DRESSES® is about empowering women by building a sense of community and self confidence. Giving back and / or connecting with other women through JUNE DRESSES® is easy. Follow us on social media to connect with other socially conscious women and learn about upcoming events and opportunities to volunteer with charities that support women.

If creating a personalized online profile page is not a fit for you, we encourage you to participate without a profile page by just wearing a dress every day for the month of June and sharing your photos (remember to use #JUNEDRESSES) with the JUNE DRESSES® community on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Of course, we’re also big on supporting charities that help empower women and recommend getting involved with local initiatives and / or coming up with a creative way to make a positive impact in your community. Make sure to share your event with us by email details to info@junedresses.ca


I am a man. How can I get involved and/or support JUNE DRESSES®?

Don’t worry, we don’t expect men to wear a dress for 30 days! But there are a few different ways that men can support JUNE DRESSES®:
• Volunteer at a JUNE DRESSES® event or on your own at an organization that could use your help.
• Sponsor a participant.
• Support, encourage and compliment women participating in JUNE DRESSES®


How do I take daily photos?

Please visit our Tips & Tricks page


Where does the money go?

100% of the money raised through JUNE DRESSES® goes to our local, charitable partners and their women-focused causes. JUNE DRESSES® is not a registered charity and does not collect donations on behalf of charities.


What if I want to participate but I don’t see a charity from my area?

Through our partnership with Canada Helps, JUNE DRESSES® is able to raise funds and awareness for women-focused charities across Canada. Participants are encouraged to contact local women-focused charities about running a JUNE DRESSES® campaign.



How do I make a cash or cheque donation?

Cash and/or cheque contributions must be sent to your local charity. Please contact them for details and remember to include ‘June Dresses’ in the memo line so they know to associate your contribution with our campaign.


Where can I donate clothing?

JUNE DRESSES® is a great excuse to clear out some space in your closet. If you are looking for places to donate clothing, in Calgary we recommend Walk In Closet for more business related attire or any of the Women in Need Society (WINS) locations for general clothing donations. In Edmonton, we recommend Suit Yourself.

Please visit the Canada Helps search tool to find other women-focused charities in your area.



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