JUNE DRESSES® is about making peace with your existing wardrobe. By no means do we advocate running out to buy 30 new dresses just to participate in JUNE DRESSES®. Chances are you already have more than enough dresses and skirts to get you through the month. But in case you need some help or inspiration to survive 30 days in a row, we have prepared the following tips & tricks.


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  1. Go au naturel and wear your dress as it was intended.
  2. Wear it with a large, bright-coloured belt (or a skinny solid-coloured belt). Note: dresses with patterns will look better with a solid/plain belt.
  3. Covering up your legs can really change the style or look of a dress. Try wearing it with leggings, tights, yoga pants, jeans or even leg warmers.
  4. Add a jacket or sweater to cover up your arms and upper body.
  5. Accessorize!! Have fun and experiment with necklaces, earrings, hats, purses, sunglasses, scarves, broaches, etc.

Here is a special JUNE DRESSES® post from theNEATblog about how to style ‘One Dress Five Ways‘.

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JUNE DRESSES® is a 30-day journey through your wardrobe. As with any journey, some days will be better than others. Here are some ideas for the days you just can’t figure out what to wear.


REMIX YOUR DRESSES: Read our One Dress, Five Looks tips for how to wear a single dress multiple times. By using accessories and a little bit of creative styling you can wear the same dress or skirt in vastly different ways. Need additional inspiration? Fashion blogger, Kasmira Kit, is a master at remixing outfits. Check out What I Wore 2day for examples.


THRIFTING: Thrift stores are good for more than just Halloween costumes, ugly Christmas sweaters and Calgary’s Stampede week. If you put in a little time to search the racks, you can find some gem garments that are new to you and usually available for a bargain price. Canadian fashion blogger, Jentine, and her friends show off their thrifted finds on a regular basis.


BE RESOURCEFUL: Team up with a fellow JUNE DRESSES® participant and swap dresses throughout the month; raid a box of clothes you, a friend or family member have tucked away in storage; or host a dress swap party with your friends as a fun way to refresh your wardrobe.


TURN OBSTACLES INTO OPPORTUNITIES: Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right dress or skirt for particular circumstances (the weather, work place dress code, travel, etc…), but we still challenge you to embrace these obstacles and show off your creativity by finding an innovative way to make it work. See these situations less as obstacles and more as opportunities… Can you style your rain jacket as a dress?


ONCE THE MONTH IS OVER: JUNE DRESSES® is a great excuse to clean out your closet. As you make peace with your wardrobe, keep track of what you didn’t wear. If you have items in your closet that didn’t make the cut throughout the month, the likelihood of you ever wearing those pieces again is low. Why not make space by donating those items to local charities like Suit YourselfWINS or the Walk-In Closet as another way of helping women in need? The Canada Helps website is a great search tool to find local women-focused charities in your area.

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So you’ve created your profile page, shared the link with your network, planned a number of amazing outfits in advance and penciled a volunteer event into your calendar. You got this JUNE DRESSES® thing covered! But wait, are you ready to start sharing your photos? For some participants, sharing daily photos through social media can be the hardest part of JUNE DRESSES®. Here are some tips to help you get through 30 days of sharing photos: